Why These Elastic Laces Will Work For You

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elastic no tie shoelaces shoe laces for running runners


No tie running race laces for sports

Never tie your laces again!

The RaceLace were designed to be used by anyone and everyone in and out of the race. The RaceLace is for kids that have issues tying their laces, for seniors with hand mobility issues, for hikers, walkers, fitness fanatics, triathletes that want faster transition times, the list goes on.

RaceLaces are for you!

Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces Lock Lace Running Laces

About RaceLace

The RaceLace was born from a problem… Have you even been in running & your laces come undone…? I have !! My first ever triathlon resulted in me losing time and position during the run leg because I had to stop to “tie my shoe laces”. From smugly overtaking my competitors on the race home, I had to stop, then get passed by several people that I had just used up all my energy passing.



I wish I had discovered these years ago.

They save me so much time and stress.

“As a runner and triathlete, it is important for me that my shoelaces don’t come undone either, while training, during transition on race day. I feel more confident and happy in the knowledge that I have my racing shoes fitted my RaceLaces.”

– Franz Fabiana, Triathlete and Ironman Finisherrunning shoelaces