Running Laces For Obstacle Racers

Elastic No Tie Shoelaces For Running Obstacle Races Elastic Shoe Lace

Do you want to know how Race Lace elastic no tie shoe laces can help you during your obstacle race?

One of the top obstacle racers in the UK is a close personal friend of ours here at Race Lace HQ, when I told him I was going to forge ahead with this “Race Lace” project he obviously volunteered his services as the chief tester.

Shaun Bucknole has competed all over the world and has represented the UK in the world championships.

When I managed to get hold of him for a quick chat following his latest race we asked him a few questions..

Race Lace : Congrats on the placing for the world championships, and well done.

Shaun : Thanks, you know how much I love this.

Race Lace : So the last time I saw you, we chucked you a few pairs of our laces and asked you to “Road Test” them for us, how did you get on with them.

Shaun : Well for starters thanks, and by the way I love the colours options, is it 9 different coloured elastic laces you have?

Race Lace : Yes it is, well remembered, you’re on fire 🙂

Shaun : Like with any race it’s all about saving time, if i’m half way through a world class event and I have to stop to tie my laces this could be disastrous. This is why I love your product. Your laces are by FAR the best they’re not too big and clunky, or too small & fiddly.

Race Lace : So would you recommend these to other obstacle racers?

Shaun : Without a doubt, I would say they are a must have!!

Race Lace : Thanks for your time Shaun, lets catch up again soon.