No Tie Shoe Laces For The Elderly - Shoelaces For People With Hand Mobility Issues Arthritis

elastic no tie shoelaces for old people seniors with arthritis arthritic joints

3 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Can Use RaceLace Shoelaces

Senior citizens may find RaceLace shoelaces ideal because of their useful features and patented design… helping them to keep active.

Helps Them Maintain Independence

Due to RaceLace no-tie feature, your regular shoes become slip-ons, letting even senior citizens to keep on being active. It’s not easy to bend over and tie/retie shoe laces, and asking someone to do this for you often makes one feel less independent.

Senior citizens often suffer with arthritis, reducing their ability to flex or use their hands. However, with RaceLace shoelaces, you can stay active. When you’ve had a rip or knee replacement, RaceLace can turn your ordinary shoes into slip-on shoes… no need for help from other folks!

Additional Support and Relief

Due to RaceLace’s elasticity, the wearer’s foot has better support and additional relief that can increase the flow of blood in the food and reduce the pressure points.  As you go through the day, your foot starts to swell. Thanks to the unique design, the shoe can expand, giving a constricted but snug fit. With the “give to it” system, laces offers the wearer a more custom fit.

Better Fashion Sense

Velcro shoes are really no longer a style for senior citizens, which is why RaceLace shoelaces are such as hit. With so many colors to choose from – white, black, sky blue, neon pink and more – grandparents can look just as cool as their grandchildren.

RaceLace shoelaces can fit any shoe size and color.