Kids Shoelaces - No Tie Shoe Laces For Children

No Tie Elastic Shoelaces For Kids and Children


We all love our kids and we want them to be safe, i’m sure that if we could wrap them all up in bubble wrap so they never have an accident we’d do that tie shoe laces for kids

Kids of all ages generally struggle tying their shoelaces, I know that my teenagers couldn’t even be bothered to lace theirs up and had their shoe laces flailing around all over the places getting frayed and dirty.

For younger kids it can be the complexity of tying the not and mastering those fine motor skill required to tie them up there’s loads of “SIMPLE GUIDES” out there I’ve found online, they feature multiple steps on how to do it, simple, yeah right..

Fitting RaceLaces to your young kids shoes relieves them of any frustration they might have. Making it as simple as slipping on their shoes and pulling the cord lock. There are 9 different colours to chose from that range from black to neon yellow. You’re kid can be the most EPIC kid in the playground with their new laces that they’ll love. They can even swap and change laces and collect all the colours.


  • Simple to use
  • Easy To Install
  • Safe
  • They never come undone
  • Reflective
  • Fit & forget
  • race lace elastic no tie shoe laces shoelaces all

Why wouldn’t you want these for your kids?

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