Elastic Shoelace for Sports - Race Laces For Gym Football Hiking Tennis & More


The Truth is Race Lace Elastic Shoelaces are Great For Just About Any Sport.

It simply doesn’t matter which sport you do the Race Lace is the perfect match for you & your feet.

If you’ve never tried these before we double dare you to try them out & if you’re not 100% happy we’ll give you your money back & let you keep the laces.

Whats so good about them?

  • For starters they’re super easy to fit it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.
  • They turn your most comfortable shoe into an even more comfortable shoe.
  • Race Lace elastic shoelaces jazz up any shoe or trainer.
  • They’re easy to adjust when fitted to maximise comfort.
  • When on the go your feet swell & contract, so do our elastic shoelaces.
  • The one size fits all means they are great for anyone in your family.
  • If your feeling generous they make a great gift.

As someone that just loves keeping fit, I have these fitted to every pair of my trainers. My favourites colours are the yellow & sky blue, I think they look great.

We’ve sold thousands of pairs over the years and have seen them fitted on just about every shoe. Race Lace no tie elastic shoelaces fit every shoe from football boots, rugby boots, tennis shoes, hiking boots the list goes on & on.

Order yourself a pair today & you won’t be disappointed.