Elastic Running Shoelaces for Runners - Shoe Laces That Flex With Your Feet

Elastic No Tie Running Shoelaces - Shoe Laces For Runners


So you’re a runner are you… what shoes do you wear? Are you an ON running guy or gal, Asics, Nike, INNOV8, New Balance, Saucony, Reebok, Adidas or do you brave a barefoot?running shoelaces no tie laces for running

If you fashion any of the above, bar the barefoot, then you’ll realise that tying your laces can be a pain. Traditional shoelaces are a fixed width and offer no stretch or resistance so they fail to move with your feet.

Over a short distance you never really notice this, but when you’re hitting the street regularly and covering significant distance you begin to realise just how important this is .

Doing up your shoelaces too tight can result in you losing the feeling in your toes and getting numb feet. This can get very uncomfortable and having to stop to make adjustment can ruin a run, well for me at least. Not doing them up tight enough can be dangerous and also can let those pesky little stones and grit into your shoe too.

In the past when I’ve had to stop to adjust or retie my laces it resulted in my losing my “flow” if that is a thing, and if it isn’t “runners flow” should be a thing, in fact I’m going to turn it into a hashtag. Get me on twitter, instagram, or Facebook with the #runnersflow.

Since I’ve been using these no tie shoelaces I’ve been super happy, I no longer get numb feet, or have to tie my shoelaces tighter, the race lace is “just right” they move and adjust with my feet.

race lace reflective elastic shoelaces night timeThese elastic laces will suit you no matter what distance you are running. Whether it’s short, medium or long distance, the Race Lace flex and contract according to what your your feet doing at the time. Heat caused from running and the constant contact and weight + the environment have different effect on your feet and what you need is a shoelace that moves with your feet.

Race Lace are the perfect size, the buckle is smaller than some of the clunkier “lock laces” available on the market!!

If what I’m saying isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe check out some of the rave reviews our customers have been giving us on Amazon!!

Available in 9 awesome colours with a build you own bundle option where you chose your favourite 3 colours your guaranteed to find the perfect RaceLace to match your trainers.