Elastic No Tie Shoelaces For The Whole Family

no tie elastic shoelaces lock shoe laces for the family adults and kids

RACE LACE elastic no tie laces are designed for busy families!!

If you and your family are anything like mine then you know what i’m talking about. There are 2 kinds of days in our family busy days and really busy days. Trying to organise a young family on your own is tough, did I mention we also have my parent living with us in the annexe too?

We have two kids Philippa (who like to be called pixie) and Oscar (he’s the naughty one) at a primary school and one at secondary school. Mornings are always a real rush for me and we struggle each day to get out on time.

Where we have saved the most amount of time is by “getting organised” we get all our stuff ready by the front door so that when we leave all we have to do is get our shoes on. Sounds simple right…

If you’re in a rush the most simple task seems to take ages and as a mum trying to rush the kids along is a thankless task, “Pixie please hurry up, we’re late already”. Traffic in the morning is always such a nightmare and leaving just 5 minutes late is the difference of arriving on time and being horrendously late.

Gaining those extra 5 minutes for me in the morning is fantastic. No more waiting for the kids to tie their laces, they just simple slip their shoes on now & we’re out the door, quick sticks.

I’ve ordered these elastic shoelaces for the entire family, my parents who are both in their late 60’s even wear them, but they stick to the subtle colour.

The kids love how easy these are and so do I. If you want to save precious time in the morning or anytime really then you need to get some of these elastic Race Laces.