September 07, 2017
5 Ways To Reduce Your Chances Of Injury During A Night Run

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5 Ways To Reduce Your Chances Of Injury During A Night Run

When daylight time ends, it’s the end of the extra hour people use to do outdoor physical activities. With that in mind, it’s important to use reflective gear while you’re out in and about in the dark. With these tips and gear, you can reduce your chances for serious or fatal injuries.

Run With Friends

When it comes to running at night or in areas that are not properly lit, consider running with a friend of yours or partake in a running group. A running group is a wonderful way you can meet new folks.

Have Your ID and Mobile Phone With You

Always have your ID card with you in case you get into an accident and the first responders or police need to reach your loved ones. A cell phone is certainly handy, as it can track your location or GPS when you make an emergency phone call. Don’t use headphones if you can help it, as more people have been hit by vehicles and trains while using them.

Use A Familiar Route and Run Against The Traffic

If you can avoid it at all possible, don’t run during rush hour. When you face the traffic, it allows the drivers to get a clear view of what’s in front of them. Plus, running along a familiar route increases the confidence you have in your surroundings. Special Note: don’t run the same route every night in case someone has been trying to track you.

Use A Headlamp or Flashlight

The majority of cell phones have flashlight apps that you can download and install. However, with a source of light, drivers can see you in the dark. Using a light will help you to see holes or debris in the running path, lessening the chances for twisted or broke ankles.

Use Bright or Reflective Clothing

Make sure that you use bright or reflective clothing from head to toe such as RaceLace shoelaces. Reflective/bright clothing will boost drivers’ ability to see you while you’re running.

Brian Vallois